10-04-2021, 06:42
"Former MP of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary group Ruben Gorgyan, Tsaghik Rubo, is once again facing a broken bottom. 2018 Before the parliamentary elections, Gorgyan spent a lot of money, convened a congress of "Sworn Freedom Fighters" at the sports concert, invited PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan to see and evaluate his value, but Tsarukyan announced right after leaving the congress that Gorgyan would not be on his list. Now history repeats itself. On April 17, Gorgyan convened a congress and formed a party called "Nation, Army, Homeland" in the hope that he would form an alliance with Robert Kocharyan and enter the list, but Kocharyan's close circle says that Gorgyan was sharply rejected. "
10-04-2021, 06:34
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The Armenian National Congress is preparing for the congress. According to the preliminary decision, it was appointed on May 1. During the congress, perhaps, the ANC will give the answers to whether or not to participate in the elections and other derivative questions. If there is no force majeure, the party led by Levon Ter-Petrosyan will participate in the elections and, in all probability, alone.

It should be reminded that the last congress of the ANC was in 2017, ahead of the elections. Most of the speech of the first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan at the last ANC congress referred to the Artsakh issue. The conference speech caused a lot of noise. There were even people who described Ter-Petrosyan's speech as a betrayal. And the speech mainly referred to the step-by-step version of the settlement of the Artsakh issue, which seems happy today. "
10-04-2021, 06:30
"The only thing is to state that the political, moral and economic crisis in Armenia is gaining new momentum. The situation is further complicated by the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus and the overload of the healthcare system. The third wave of the epidemic is already a reality, but there is no appropriate control over the epidemic situation, and in these conditions it is meaningless to talk about special steps to stop the spread of the infection. Added to this is the collapse of the economy, when as a result of the deterioration of the business environment, investments continue to decline, and businesses are forced to cease their activities. As a result of disruption of business activities, the sums paid to the state budget decrease, at the same time the state debt burden on the budget increases. And the authorities can only be happy that they are able to at least place bonds abroad and pay salaries.
10-04-2021, 06:25
Varoojan Khodabakhshian noticed yesterday that in the Google Maps maps the streets of Yerevan are renamed by the Azerbaijanis after the heroes of their army (see the attached picture).
The enemy will not stop working, even after the real victory, it will continue the attack on the battlefield, on the diplomatic platforms, and even on Google maps. "Because we are weak, and the occupation regime in Armenia has agreed to continue to humiliate the Turks."
The formula for communication with Turkey is clear: by agreeing to fulfill the preconditions of the Turks, we will get new preconditions.
10-04-2021, 06:00
Yesterday, the "Homeland" party led by Arthur Vanetsyan opened another office, this time in the Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan. In general, this party has recently intensified its activities: new offices are being opened throughout the country, regional visits are being made, regional structures are organizing various events and meetings. Of course, the Homeland Party has already announced that it will run in the snap elections, but it is not yet clear to what extent they will run separately or in alliance with other parties. Different information is circulating in this regard. But if we take into account the great activity of the party, as he mentioned, the opening of new offices, intensive meetings with the population, there is an opinion that they are sending a message to the political field that they are able to participate in the elections alone.
10-04-2021, 05:52
"Muradov, Muradov, that's a dozen, again." Deputy Mayor of Avan
10-04-2021, 05:37
It turns out that Samvel Babayan's tenure as Secretary of the Artsakh Security Council had other consequences besides the tragic pages of the war. According to "Fact" newspaper, at present a criminal case has been initiated on the lost or destroyed property worth 100-120 million drams. According to our Artsakh sources, during the 5-6 months of Babayan's tenure, great damage was done to the state, and the outcome of this criminal case largely depends on the political will of the Armenian authorities. As it is known, Samvel Babayan currently lives in Armenia and is busy creating a political force, the goal of which is to get the least number of votes, enter the parliament and support Nikol Pashinyan by forming a coalition or playing opposition. Due to that, the criminal cases against him, including the damage caused to the state during his tenure, are delayed by the authorities. According to our Artsakh sources, the only problem for the Armenian authorities is the new Prosecutor General of Artsakh, who is not in any political team, is trying to avoid political pressure.
10-04-2021, 05:25
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Gagik Tsarukyan's son's wedding will take place today. Guests from all over the world arrived in Yerevan, as well as a large number of Armenian businessmen. Tsarukyan is going to have a royal wedding for his eldest son. Show business stars have also arrived, especially from Russia.

We were told that Russian singers Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov and "Studio A" arrived from Russia, which are considered quite expensive even in Russia. The celebrations started yesterday. "
10-04-2021, 05:11
Tomorrow, April 10, is the wedding of Nver Tsarukyan, the son of Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party, the chairman of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction.
10-04-2021, 05:08
It should be reminded that the wedding was planned for October 3, but first Tsarukyan was arrested, then the war was prevented, and it was postponed indefinitely. Nver Tsarukyan is only 21 years old. The bride is Arpi Avetisyan. "

Details in the video