10-04-2021, 14:41
It is the wedding of Nver Tsarukyan, the son of PAP leader, Prosperous Armenia party leader Gagik Tsarukyan. The wedding ceremony takes place in the church in the yard of Tsarukyan's house, then the guests will move to "Pharaoh" restaurant complex. We were informed that 97 tables were ordered in "Pharaoh", 12-15 people will sit around each of them.

It should be reminded that Nver Tsarukyan's wedding was scheduled for October 3, 2020, but first Tsarukyan's arrest, then the 44-day Artsakh war was hindered, it was postponed indefinitely.

Nver Tsarukyan is 21 years old. His bride is Arpi Avetisyan, from an unknown family.

Earlier we wrote that guests from all over the world arrived in Yerevan, including a large number of Armenian businessmen.
10-04-2021, 14:01
According to the Law on State Benefits, emergency assistance is one of the types of state benefits. In a conversation with Iravaban.net, lawyer Zarine Hovhannisyan details that emergency aid, in its turn, has types.

They are ․ 1) one-time emergency care. 2) quarterly emergency care. "One-time emergency care is provided in case of the birth of a child in the family, in case the child is admitted to the first grade in the family, in case of the death of a family member," the lawyer says. The family whose one of the members had a child has the right to one-time emergency birth of a child; as of the month of application, he / she is entitled to family allowance. The amount of one-time emergency aid is 50,000 drams. A family eligible for one-time emergency assistance for enrollment in the first grade of a child is eligible to apply for a family eligible for family benefits at the end of the month, one of the minor members of which has been admitted to the first grade of a secondary school. In this case, the amount of one-time emergency aid is 25,000 drams. In the event of the death of a family member, the family is entitled to one-time emergency assistance if one of the members who is not considered eligible for a pension, old age, disability or breadwinner has died և is eligible for family or social benefits as of the month of application. The amount of one-time emergency aid is 50,000 drams. Eligible for Quarterly Emergency Assistance is entitled to a family with an insecurity score above "0" registered in the Family Social Assessment System in the family social assessment system in case of a difficult life situation (urgent "short" financial problems)) The monthly amount of quarterly emergency aid is 18,000 drams.
10-04-2021, 13:45
In recent years, many people have noticed that the new asphalt in Yerevan is being demolished and asphalted again. Moreover, the new asphalt has a shorter life than it did years ago.

According to the ARMINSIDER telegram channel, on April 7, Narek Buniatyan, a technical control specialist, had a close relationship with Grigor Harutyunyan, Head of the Construction and Improvement Department of the Yerevan Municipality. He, as a close friend of Harutyunyan և Harutyunyan, advises to improve the quality of the asphalt, to fill it with the necessary amount of bitumen, so that the work done does not have a short life.
10-04-2021, 13:26
The parents of the Armenian prisoners of war detained in Azerbaijan today blocked the Gyumri-Yerevan road and demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The information was confirmed by RA Independent MP Sofya Hovsepyan in a conversation with "A1 +".

It should be noted that yesterday the parents gathered at "Erebuni" airport, as earlier rumors were spread that Armenian prisoners of war were returning from Azerbaijan. The news was also confirmed by the Prime Minister's spokesperson Mane Gorgyan.

Later it became known that the plane had arrived without prisoners. According to the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, the 8th point of the November 9 trilateral statement by the enemy is not being fulfilled, the return of the captives is postponed.
10-04-2021, 13:24
The wedding of Nver Tsarukyan, the son of Byuzand Avetisyan (Byuzand of Ufa) Gagik Tsarukyan's daughter, has started.

We present exclusive photos from the wedding.
10-04-2021, 13:15
According to Mediaport, Armenian Ambassador to the United States Varuzhan Nersisyan has been instructed by the Armenian government to organize as little as possible ahead of April 24 to participate in Genocide recognition events.

"There is an instruction to minimize participation in community as well as online events. "The purpose of all this is the process of rapprochement with Turkey, around which the Armenian government has begun to work actively," said the Foreign Ministry source.
10-04-2021, 12:55
Big fire in Yerevan. Video
10-04-2021, 12:37
Guests from all over the world arrived in Yerevan, including a large number of Armenian businessmen. Show business stars have arrived, especially from Russia.

Tsarukyan's son and his bride arrived at the church by helicopter.
10-04-2021, 12:26
Exclusive photos from the wedding of Tsarukyan's son և Avetisyan's daughter (photo)
10-04-2021, 11:29
The guest of "Absolute Value" program is singer, showman Samvel Grigoryan. watch the announcement. The program is hosted by Ani Harutyunyan and Lilit Navasardyan.

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