23-10-2019, 13:17
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan wrote on her Facebook page: “There is still no perception in Armenia that the Prime Minister's wife should be active as I am now. It is very difficult because I am under constant pressure. I know that people love and appreciate the work that I do. I see this in my daily contacts with people. I often visit different towns and villages and witness the warmth of people. But the political opposition is using my activism against my husband in order to harm her because there is still a tendency in Armenia that "it's too bad that your wife is active" or "maybe you're not that good a husband the woman is active ”or“ your wife should stay at home with the children ”and so on. And they use these stereotypes to hurt my husband. It is very difficult to continue working under this pressure, but I continue to work because I believe in women, I believe in my work, and I believe in the role I have today. I don't want to give up because it's not right. My perception is that my husband is prime minister, and he is in a difficult situation right now because it is very difficult to govern the country. I am sure that governing each country is difficult, but Armenia has its own peculiarities - historical, geographical and so on. And my point is that I can't stay home to continue my life when my husband has a lot of work to do. And if I am half of him, then I must help him, my children, my society, and my country. Yes, it is difficult, but we have difficult times in our lives, and I am convinced that this is just one of them. "
23-10-2019, 13:05
On October 22, it was reported that on the eve of the 20th anniversary of October 27, the head of the terrorist group in the case of October 27, Nairi Hunanyan, sentenced to life imprisonment and serving his sentence at "Yerevan Center" penitentiary, applied. request for early release. The application is currently pending.

On October 23, Chairman of the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security Andranik Kocharyan made quite interesting statements during a briefing with the journalists: He first recorded that Nairi Hunanyan had the opportunity twenty years ago to conduct a preliminary investigation of his case, if he cooperated with the investigative body, enabling Armenia to understand what happened on October 27, then expressed the opinion that “If Nairi Hunanyan has information that will substantially enable the Republic of Armenia to know what happened on October 27… this statement is an opportunity for 20 years, if Nairi Hunanyan has something to say, make a statement first. s. "

The issue of October 27 is one of the unsettling wounds of Armenia, which has almost always been the source of various speculation, speculation, and conspiracy theories. And now, of course, there are many questions that the public is really waiting for.

After the revolution, the issue seems to have been pushed back to the forefront. But it is also obvious that one of the main reasons for pushing forward may be not only or not so much the pursuit of justice, which is assured by the authorities, but the resolution of certain political issues. The target is Robert Kocharyan.

In this sense, Nairi Hunanyan's application is of great importance, which in fact can create a completely different situation. Andranik Kocharyan's words give the impression that the authorities have very specific expectations from Nairi Hunanyan and expect from him testimonies that will shed light on the dark sides of the case. What could be the real reason for the authorities' interest here? Isn't the purpose of "doing" the next case against Robert Kocharyan? Or, by heating the topic, aren't the authorities trying to conduct a specific temperature check to see if there is a possible public reaction?

Theoretically, if rumors circulate that Nairi Hunanyan, who has a deal with the current authorities, agrees to give the necessary name, then it is not excluded that any justification for his possible release will nevertheless be found. For example, the authorities may declare that they make an exception because Hunanyan has provided valuable information that sheds light on the case. To say, it is not excluded that there will be a special deal between Hunanyan and the authorities, which will target Robert Kocharyan, whose charges in the March 1 case are in fact completely unfounded, and even those who try to shut him down at all costs understand that sooner or later Kocharyan will be released. Consequently, to eliminate the threat posed by the second president to Pashinyan's power once and for all, sooner or later, so-called plan b, and October 27, may be the case for plan B itself.
23-10-2019, 12:51
I had no contact or direct contact with Arpine Hovhannisyan, as a result of discussions with my legal friends, I realized that Arpine Hovhannisyan had no official connection to the arrest or death of Arthur Sargsyan, the breadwinner.

Shahen Harutyunyan told ArmDaily.am, referring to former Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan's Facebook post, in which she presented the circumstances of Arthur Sargsyan's death of "Questioner", noting why he did not have any responsibility for Sargsyan's death. Hovhannisyan thanked Shahen Harutyunyan, the organizer of the protests after Arthur Sargsyan's death, stressing that although he initially demanded his help, he later realized he had no official connection to Sargsyan's arrest.

“Now I am slightly avoiding conversations about Arthur Sargsyan as they have become a tool for winning political dividends. But now I have to say that after Arthur Sargsyan's death I was organizing demonstrations and we demanded that Arthur Sargsyan be buried in the Yerablur Pantheon to resign the two responsible for Arthur Sargsyan's death - Arthur Davtyan and Arpine Hovhannisyan, and the third - all guilty. On the second day of the rallies, during a rally attended by 1000-1500 people, I presented why I think Arpine Hovhannisyan is not to blame for Arthur Sargsyan's arrest and death, and we dropped the demand for Arpine Hovhannisyan's resignation, ”Harutyunyan said. The strange thing is that Arthur Davtyan not only remained in the system during the reign of the new authorities but also dared to oppose the country's main authorities and the Prime Minister. “When Pashinyan said that there were political prisoners in the country, he reserved the right to object, stating that there were no political prisoners in the country. The Prosecutor General is a serious position in the country, and if the Prosecutor General opposes the Prime Minister and the disagreements deepen, either the Prime Minister resigns or the Prosecutor General resigns. “There is something about Arthur Davtyan that he continued to serve in the context of such contradictions and contradictions. I thought that revealing the circumstances of Arthur Sargsyan's death should have been immediately included in the list of urgent issues for the new authorities, because his death was one of those murders that needed immediate disclosure, as it was more convenient in such a domestic situation, but it was not only done but also became a tool to earn domestic political dividends, ”Shahen Harutyunyan said.

Asked why the new authorities are not referring to Arthur Sargsyan's case, he responded that perhaps the reason is that Arthur Davtyan expressed his loyalty to the incumbent authorities.
23-10-2019, 12:18
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, today, October 23, Yerevan City Police Department Criminal Investigation Officers: Chief of Police, Colonel Garik Ghukasyan, Deputy Chief of Police, Colonel Alik Mamikonyan, Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Division of the same department Vahe Musheghyan, Head of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Community Police of Erebuni Police Department, Head of the Division, Colonel Vardan Vardanyan, Division led by Deputy Chief of Police, Lieutenant Colonel Mamikon Hakobyan and Investigators of the Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts of the Investigation Department of the Yerevan Investigation Committee of Armenia, with Head of Division Hovhannes Poghosyan, Deputy Chief of Staff Garnik Matevosyan, and Chief Investigator, Large-scale investigative activities were discovered on October 22 by a resident of one of the buildings on Vardashen 2nd Street, 64-year-old Z. B. particularly brutal murder.
C. According to Shamshyan, the police and investigators, in cooperation with their colleagues in the Erebuni district prosecutor's office, have been to more than a dozen addresses and found that the operative data of the police were solid, in the language of the people, the facts were strong, after which the perpetrator was convinced. In the operative data received, explanatory work was carried out and the Erebuni Police Department was convicted of the crime in the same building. 46-year-old Garik Mashadian.

C. According to Shamshyan, the latter confessed to the facts and was arrested as a suspect by the investigator's decision. According to the photojournalist, he is the brother of Rafik Mashadyan, the first deputy chairman of the RA State Revenue Committee, but there has been no contact between them for many years. We can say: Mashadyan led his life independently of his brother and they had not met for many years. As the photojournalist reported earlier, on October 22, a brutal murder was committed in Yerevan. At 01:10 am a call was received from the Yerevan Police Department's Operational Management Center that a murder had occurred in the apartment of one of the buildings on Vardashen 2nd Street. An operative group of the Yerevan police department headed by the head of the department, Colonel Garik Ghukasyan, the deputy head of the department, Colonel Alik Mamikonyan and the head of the criminal investigation department of the same department Vahe Musheghyan arrived at the scene. The operative group of Erebuni police department headed by the head of the department Vardan Vardanyan and the deputy head of the department Mamikon Hakobyan also arrived.

Officers from the Central Criminal Investigation Department of the Police, led by Arsen Avoyan, Deputy Chief of the 2nd Department, also arrived at the scene. The Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts Investigation Department of the Yerevan Investigative Committee of the Armenian Investigation Committee headed by Hovhannes Poghosyan, the deputy head of the division, Garnik Matevosyan and the chief investigator on especially important cases arrived at the scene. Police and investigators found 64-year-old Z.'s house in the living room of the apartment. B.'s body. The coroner, examining the body, informed law enforcement that his body had a cut-and-puncture wound in the neck, numerous cut-and-puncture wounds in the abdomen and abdomen. The photojournalist also reported that some of the rooms in the house had been completely destroyed and most likely the robber (s) had committed theft.
23-10-2019, 12:10
I haven't seen it and I don't even want to see it. This is what MP Andranik Kocharyan of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia stated in a conversation with reporters, speaking about Nairi Hunanyan, who applied for early release.

"However, if Hunanyan is ready to present significant, unidentified episodes during the work of the preliminary investigation body, we will try to make full use of that opportunity, enabling full disclosure on October 27," Kocharyan said.

Kocharyan expressed the opinion that some people may have hoped for Hunanyan to be released. "But it has nothing to do with the authorities."

According to the MP of my step, the second President of the Republic of Armenia should also have a lot to say in revealing the October 27 case.

“I think he also notes in his memoirs that he met with a high-ranking official at the presidential office on October 27, where he also invited Vazgen Sargsyan, who tried to convince him not to go to the National Assembly that day. I look at it in a different context.

This means that in the event that new circumstances arise, the investigating body should still be able to examine many issues that it has been deprived of. ”
23-10-2019, 12:00
The government increased the money up to 1,000 and 2,000 drams to cover the issue of hygiene. Hetq had previously studied the minimum basket of hygiene items and found the incompatibility of money allocation and prices.

Families who have ever been a soldier are well aware that there are tea shops in the military units selling food, tobacco, hygiene items, and military clothing items.

In order to find out the value of hygiene items in teas, we visited two random military units near Yerevan and the capital. Persons unrelated to the military unit do not have access to the military unit every day. That's why we chose military swearing-in days. We entered the military unit with the soldiers' parents and wanted to enter the tea house. To our surprise, the teas were closed that very day. According to the military, the teas are not closed even on Sundays and holidays.

During our many conversations with the military, it was confirmed that the teas were selling at a higher price than the market. Like hygiene items, cigarettes and other products are sold at military units near Yerevan for 20-50 drams more, and at military units 100 and more kilometers away from Yerevan, they are more expensive.

The military also saw a sharp rise and fall in prices for a couple of days. That is, prices fluctuate arbitrarily.
On what basis do teasers operate in military units?

The legal basis for setting up shops in the military units is Government Decree N 908 of 2000, which created 13 million AMD of authorized capital and was subordinated to the Ministry of Defense by "Chinar" CJSC. In 2001, according to Order No. 87 of the Minister of Defense, "Zinar" CJSC was established on the basis of the existing department of trade and services. By the same order of the Minister of Defense of the same year, the process of bringing the shops operating in the military units to legality began. The order addressed to the commanders of the military units was to submit proposals to establish units in shops with no teahouses or buffets and to provide them with appropriate areas. From the same command we find out:

The units of the military units were provided free of charge to the shops, and the maintenance of the premises was provided by the military unit;
Acquisition of soldiers' sanitary and hygiene items is organized through Zinar CJSC,
"Chinar" CJSC was ordered to replenish stores, teas and buffets with relevant personnel, food and non-food military products.
Who are behind the teas?

The Ministry of Defense has provided us with a list of companies that have entered into a contract with Zinar CJSC and carry out commercial activities in military units. Having the data of all the organizations, we have decided not to disclose their total number and their locations. We randomly selected the stores of the border and non-border military units from the south of Armenia to the north and found out the links of the operators.

Honey. Lianna Davtyan, a sole proprietor, operates in N military unit in the south of Armenia. The founder of the People's Party is linked to the founder of the Agarak regiment, Ghevond Hovhannisyan. More specifically, Liana Davtyan is the sister of Ghevond Hovhannisyan's son Khoren Hovhannisyan.

Goris. The second largest city of Syunik marz, Goris, is located in the military unit N of Artak Arushanyan. The sole proprietor is a relative of Goris community leader Arush Arushanyan. Last year there was a scuffle with Goris Mayor Arush Arushanyan, Artak Arushanyan and Lyova Arzanyan, a member of the same city council. According to a council member, the mayor and his relative were beaten.

Balahovit. Derenik Harutyunyan is the founder of "Derenik Payyan" Trading Unit in Balahovit district of Kotayk marz. The latter's son, Artak Paytyan, was appointed Deputy Chief of NATO-Armenia Exercise in 2016 by the order of the Minister of Defense.

Berd. Arsen Paytyan Private Entrepreneur conducts commercial activity in military units in Berd community of Tavush region. Arsen Paytyan, the founder of the National Security Service, has close ties with the former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Arshaluys Paytyan. By the way, Payyan is born in Norashen village of Tavush marz and the mentioned ID is registered in Berd town of Tavush marz. Tavush region has always been in the interest of the general.

We tried to find out from the MOD about the principle of contracts with the above-mentioned IDs. The Secretary General of the Ministry Garnik Hayrapetyan responded to our written inquiry: "The contracts with all four individual entrepreneurs were concluded with the previous management of Zinar CJSC on what basis they failed to specify." Liana Davtyan and Artak Arushanyan were also informed by the Ministry of Defense before signing a contract with a person.
23-10-2019, 11:49
"Fact" newspaper writes: "According to the" Fact "newspaper, the main reason for the dismissal of former Grigory Hayrapetov, the former head of the National Security Service (NSP), was the 2001 coup. The opening of the criminal case on the murder of Poghos Poghosyan in "Aragast" cafe on the night of September 24, 25, by the authorities.

According to the source, Hayrapetyan was offered to testify about the case, to "remember" and to say that Robert Kocharyan had instructed Poghosyan to beat him.

However, Hayrapetov refused, saying that he could not give such a testimony because it was not true. The bidder has begun to "face off" that the new government has treated him well, has been promoted to the rank of general.

However, Hayrapetov declined, saying it was not the case, asking him not to interfere in political accounts. Hayrapetov was given time to think, and seeing that there was no compromise on it, was given the order and fired without warning.

Our source also added that other KGB officers who accompanied Robert Kocharyan and Charles Aznavour on that day also made the same proposal, but to no avail. "
23-10-2019, 11:44
For the first time in Armenia, in Arabkir Medical Center, doctors from Belarus received a liver transplant from a living donor.

YSMU Professor Artavazd Sahakyan participated in the operation.

The operation was completely financed by Arabkir Medical Center.
23-10-2019, 11:39
Jirayr Sefilyan, Commander of Shushi Special Battalion, Honorary Representative of the Sasna Tsrer All-Armenian Party, wrote on his Facebook page: "Exclude any doubt about the jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia over Artsakh. More than a month and a half ago, the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia called on Vitaly Balasanyan, an Armenian citizen registered in the Artsakh region for questioning on the March 1 case.

However, the latter publicly disregarded the jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia over Artsakh and refused to represent itself. It is of great concern that Armenian law enforcement agencies have been inactive for so long and are not taking any steps to apprehend Vitaly Balasanyan.

Vitaly Balasanyan's demarche unveils the 5th series anti-government program aimed at questioning Armenia's jurisdiction over Artsakh, then, developing its success, step by step detach Artsakh from Armenia and oppose it. The Armenian government must understand that at least its velvet approach to fundamental issues of national security can be devastating.

The adversary deliberately prepares land for revenge and alienation of Artsakh, so sitting idle becomes involuntary complicity.

It is necessary to bring Vitaly Balasanyan to custody and rule out any doubts about the jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia over Artsakh. ”
23-10-2019, 11:33
Shortly before, police approached two citizens in a park near Government Building # 3, urging them not to drink alcohol, in response to which citizens began cursing at police officers, a Novosti-Armenia correspondent reported from the scene.

Police then tried to apprehend them, but one of the disobedient citizens, tearing off a bench in the park, attacked a policeman, forcing them to handcuff them and detain them.

It should be noted that these citizens regularly use alcohol in the park and have been arrested several times.