23-10-2019, 19:12
An interesting feature typical of totalitarian systems: The authorities are trying to give the public the impression that every citizen is a part of the government and also participates in the activities of the authorities. And if you are part of a government, the likelihood that you will want to overthrow that government is minimal.

A vivid manifestation of such a mechanism was the "animex" widespread in the USSR, as a result of which everyone was watching. Now it is the same in Armenia. And the so-called "law" of the National Assembly today is a vivid proof of it.

By the way, to my great conviction, such laws could have worked quite effectively, for example, in Western countries where the level of public awareness is high. But not in today's Armenia. We still have a long way to go.

PS So what are we going to do with speedometers and video recorders now?

Nina Margaryan's Facebook page
23-10-2019, 18:42
He has appealed to the former Vagharshapat police with his former father, and in the evening police have evacuated Don Pipo's guests from Russia, although Arthur Asatryan claims he paid $ 10,000 to rent the property.
23-10-2019, 16:16
The government has reached a point where it is crushingly criticized by even the most vulnerable subjects and objects. Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan criticized Pashinyan's team during a briefing with reporters in the National Assembly, especially regarding the processes taking place around the President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan. It is unacceptable for Gagik Tsarukyan to call NSS interrogation to the daughters of the President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan. “If there is crime, crime, illegality in any business, it is punishable. But let's just say that seeing my 16, 18-year-old daughter testify against her family is unacceptable to me. Today, the main issue is Tovmasyan, no problem, let them present a crime, let it be a crime that he committed a crime, we are all in favor, let him punish. But for me, as an Armenian, a family man, seeing a 16-year-old girl being summoned for interrogation and some abuse is unacceptable to me, ”he said.
Referring to the fact that their faction did not participate in the initiative of the NA "My Step" faction to abolish Hrayr Tovmasyan's powers, Tsarukyan said that they did not participate because they saw no legal basis in it and considered their participation senseless.
"You saw that he went to the Constitutional Court and was rejected from there, because of that people should not be in a bad situation, people should have their position, understand, not put their teammates in an awkward situation," he said.
Does Tsarukyan consider Hrayr Tovmasyan a legitimate president? "What is it that is not legitimate? Who says that? Let them justify it. It is not legitimate. And let's say it is not legitimate, but who today brought up that question, put it, presented it. We say we are ready, see, discuss, see it is not legitimate, we will also be for it, but nowadays everyone is saying something empty, confusing everyone as if he is the hero of that movie or the one who offers it now. " , he is completely exposing the government. Whoever, by the way, is himself under the control of the government. Criminal cases have been initiated against his Multi Group Director Sedrak Arustamyan, his close relative, MP Eduard Babayan and others around him. But Tsarukyan seems to understand that the show-to-judge-shutdown will continue for a long time, and as the saying goes, the camel will also knock on its door. Keeping silent about illegal processes today will mean opening up new illegalities.

According to the PAP leader, detainees will generally be held accountable. “If they do it baseless, they will one day answer. Life goes on, people need to fully realize their positions, properly use their powers. If there is a crime, everything is normal, and if there is no crime, the one who does it will answer. "
Tsarukyan noted that in 2018 Hrayr Tovmasyan has become a member of the Constitutional Court in the same manner as Nikol Pashinyan has become Prime Minister, Mirzoyan has become NA Deputy Prime Minister.
The PAP leader is unaware of the announcements that Gagik Harutyunyan was forced to resign early for Tovmasyan to be elected.

Tsarukyan also did not bypass the attitude and arrogance of the authorities towards the opposition: “Everyone was thinking that there was a revolution, that the Armenians of the world would come in the morning, and put the money. But all of this must understand what it takes to invest, not just empty words, but a law and a condition that must be fully adopted, given the opportunity to a person, not to bring some acquaintance with a paper, to be taxed. That way the economy cannot grow. They used to say, 'Look, they will be in line for investment, corruption will be eliminated, but 70% of the investment is not going to be made, looking again, with friends and relatives, you want to set an example,' ”Tsarukyan said.
He noted that the issues they raised were rejected. “They are all talented, ours refuse. There is no experience in them, no one has laid a stone in his life, today he is walking beside Nikol Pashinyan, the positions are given. This is not going to be the country. It is necessary to fully look at who has the money in this field, who has worked effectively, Mr. Pashinyan should make such a decision, ”he added.
Gagik Tsarukyan also laughed openly. “Look at the real life of any sector leader, the way he went, the way he did it. They can be assistants, advisers. Let them look from side to side, learn. With this approach, there will be no economic revolution. ”

Ani Sahakyan
23-10-2019, 16:10
Russian media continue to write, distribute videos about the woman with crystal tears. Satanik Ghazaryan, 23, who lives in the village of Spandaryan in Shirak province, was the first to tell SHANTNEWS.am that the news was quickly and widely received not only in Armenia. Instead of tears, crystals flow from a woman's eyes.

What is this phenomenon or is it a consequence of some illness? Several doctors from the Russian Federation have referred to this phenomenon but have not been able to make a clear diagnosis.

It has been 3 months that Satenik's eyes have been removing "tears" resembling up to 50 crystals daily, every 2-3 hours. It has been a month since the videos of Russian television have been flooded with videos about him.

Armenian ophthalmologists are skeptical about the phenomenon. Even the film crew of Russian journalists accompanied Satenik to one of the famous clinics in the capital, where after watching the video they did not believe it and considered the problem not theirs, but a psychiatrist's. It was also said that the woman allegedly suffers from Munhausen's symptoms, that is, mental distress when a man hurts himself.

Satenik's mother-in-law, Zemfira Mikaelyan, is offended and says they don't understand, at least not hurt. It is a greater torment for them. Doctors said they were filling the crystals in Satenik's eyes to get him a fame. But who has seen such a thing? What happens in the body of a 23-year-old woman is inexplicable to specialists.

To make sure that such a thing is true, ophthalmologists have attempted to remove three large crystals hidden under his eyelid. Satenik tells, he says the doctors told him to take it off the root and take it away, and he wouldn't come. For 10 days after the minor intervention, no crystalline tears occurred, which made the feeling worse.
23-10-2019, 16:10
In 2019, with the permission of the National Assembly, the government decided to increase the volume of irrigation water from Lake Sevan in 2019 by 170 million cubic meters. It was later stated that this volume had not been fully utilized and the abstraction had been stopped earlier than planned on the ground of necessity. Recently, however, there have been reports in the media that abstraction from Lake Sevan is continuing. Relevant agencies have not denied this information. Today, the Chairman of the Water Committee in the National Assembly described the phenomena of raising and lowering the Sevan level as strange. Prior to that, the water committee had insisted that we had not removed one gram of water since September 24, but the lake had dropped to 3 cm. However, this is explained by winds and evaporation.
This summer, as Lake Sevan greened, public debate on lake issues resumed, including the issue of small hydropower plants on the Arpa-Sevan tunnel and the Yeghegis River. Environmentalists have for years doubted that the HPPs built on the river would be fed by Lake Sevan water, providing profits to their owners. And who are the owners? Although HPPs in the area are known as "Sashik HPPs", 50% of the company's share is officially registered under Narek Sargsyan. He is the son of President Serzh Sargsyan's other brother, former ambassador Levon Sargsyan. "Mina-Maya" LLC built two HPPs on Yeghegis. The first HPP built on Yeghegis is Yeghegis-1. The area is known as the former MP Hakob Hakobyan's HPP. The controlling stake in this SHPP was for the Jacobian Brothers. Former officials Khajak and Suren Karayan also own the HPP. The next HPP on Yeghegis River, Goghtanik, is operated by HNMS LLC, a 100% shareholder of which is Hayk Hrant Suvaryan, who is the husband of former Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan's daughter. Suvaryan created the company in 2011, when Tigran Sargsyan was prime minister.
By the way, it was once thought that without Serge Sargsyan's consent no one could build the HPP. It was, after all, a sponsored business. Today this business seems to be closing its eyes again, at least if there are hints and concerns already at the level of the water committee chairman, then it really is not something.
Is it possible in new Armenia that the business of one of Serzh Sargsyan's brothers or one of the prominent representatives of the former government will flourish, at a time when these officials have been accused of robbing the country for 30 years and illegally enriching it? And maybe in the case of hydropower plants, as in the case of mines, there are some shadow arrangements, and those who are paid can continue to get rich today, endangering Sevan…
23-10-2019, 15:49
Answering the question of one of the deputies in the National Assembly

Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan confirmed today during a question and answer session of the National Assembly that the head of the terrorist act carried out in the National Assembly on October 27, 1999, Nairi Hunanyan applied for an early release.

In response to MP Hovhannes Hovhannisyan's question, Badasyan said that after being sentenced to 20 years in prison, he was given the opportunity to file such an application. And after receiving the application, as Badasyan put it, probation and penitentiary services should come to conclusions.

If both give a positive opinion, a motion is submitted to the court, if one of the institutions gives the affirmative and the other negative, then the applicant's written request is examined in court, and if both agencies give a negative opinion, the discussion of the issue is rejected.

Badasyan said that the Penitentiary has already given a negative conclusion, and the probation will move to the same criteria to give an assessment.

"I think the way out is clear," Badasyan concluded.
23-10-2019, 15:34
Samuel-Muradyan Armenian school was attacked in the north of Paris. Armenian Ambassador to France Hasmik Tolmajyan reported this in her Twitter account condemning the act.

“We are deeply concerned about the repeated manifestations of vandalism against the Muradyan Armenian School in Sevres. These actions should not go unpunished, ”Tolmajyan wrote.

On October 20, the Armenian Embassy also informed that the Nouvelles d'Arménie office had been attacked.

The ambassador also strongly condemned the vandalism and said it was a serious infringement on freedom of speech and republican values.
23-10-2019, 15:28
The US Congress Helsinki Committee is made up of 9 congressmen and 9 senators. Only two congressmen from the committee, Mark Weiss and Robert Aderholt, were present at the meeting in the empty hall. He was present for about 10 minutes and left. As a special guest, Congressman Jackie Spier and Frank Pallone attended. Jack Spiere has also left 10 minutes to insist on Donald Trump's impeachment hearings.

Armenian Ambassador to Armenia Varuzhan Nersisyan (former aide to Serzh Sargsyan) was present at the meeting. Arsen Kharatyan thanked the US for noting that there would be no revolution in Armenia without the support of that country and any anti-Russian figures would have envied Daniel Ioannisyan's speech. As for MP Hamazasp Danielyan, the latter was so excited about his revolutionary image that congressman Weiss had to call on him to be a little cautious and short-tempered.

Prior to the commencement of the hearings, the VETO movement contacted the office of Senator Wicker, chairman of the committee. We presented the senator with evidence of Kharatyan's and Ioannisyan's urgency, asking him to refrain from meeting and not allow other congressmen to participate in the discussion. As a result, there were more reporters than hearers, and we consider the hearings to be failed.


"It would be very useful if the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or other US law enforcement agencies share their experience and teach Armenian law enforcement, since such training is very useful for post-Soviet countries."

This statement made by Daniel Ioannisyan in the US Congress yesterday raises many questions, especially when the high-ranking Armenian diplomat, the Armenian Ambassador to the US, was sitting next to Daniel at the US Congress.

1. Does this statement have anything to do with Armenia's foreign policy?

2. If not, with what mandate did the US Congress try to represent the prominent Soros in the US Congress?

3. Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approve of Soros Daniel's invitation to invite the FBI to Armenia?

4. By whose mandate is Ioannisyan organizing FBI training for Armenian law enforcement?

5. At whose expense was the flight and stay of the Soros in the United States?

These and many other issues need to be clarified through the media.
Thank you
# Soros_ Earnings

From Narek Malyan's Facebook page
23-10-2019, 15:13
Minch’ kmeknarker Azgayin zhoghov-Karravarut’yun harts’upataskhany, khorhrdaranum lragroghneri het zruyts’um Ashkhatank’i yev sots’ialakan harts’eri nakharar Zaruhi Bat’voyann andradardzl e varch’apeti gaghtni handznararakanin, yst vori՝ bardzrats’el e nakhararneri, p’vokhnakhararneri yev glkhavor k’artugharneri ashkhatavardzy:

«Yes ashkhatank’i yem ants’el ayn ashkhatavardzov, vorov nakhkinum ashkhatel yem t’e՛ vorpes p’vokhnakharar, t’e՛ vorpes nakharar: Aysink’n՝ ays masov voreve khndir kam aknkalik’ ch’em unets’el, bayts’ da yeghel e ughghaki handznararakan»,- asel e Zaruhi Bat’voyany.

Nakharary ch’ts’ankats’av nshel, t’e inch’vo՞w e ayd handznararakany gaghtni trvel՝ patcharrabanelov, vor harts’i hasts’eatery ink’y ch’e.

Zaruhi Bat’voyany nayev nshets’, vor martits’ sksats՝ stats’el e 1.5 mln dram ashkhatavardz:
Speaking to reporters in parliament before the National Assembly-Government Q&A session, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zaruhi Batoyan referred to the Prime Minister's secret instruction that increased the salaries of ministers, deputy ministers and secretaries-general.

“I got a job with the salary that I used to work for both as a deputy minister and as a minister. That is to say, I had no problems or expectations in this regard, but it was just a recommendation, ”Zaruhi Batoyan said.

The Minister did not want to say why this instruction was given in secret, explaining that he was not the addressee of the matter.

Zaruhi Batoyan also mentioned that since March she has received 1.5 million AMD salary.
23-10-2019, 14:59
"She's shocked, she can't imagine anything. Psychologists work with her. She constantly says if I did this Tigran would be alive, I should have done it, I should have done it." Exclusive Conversation of Injured Policeman's Mother (Video)