23-10-2019, 23:16
Protests have been taking place in Lebanon for several days, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's government. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in different cities. Lebanese Armenians in Lebanon and Armenians in Yerevan, in front of the Lebanese Embassy in Yerevan, also support the protests.
23-10-2019, 22:42
Famous singer Sirusho has posted new photos on her Instagram featuring her sons.

Sirusho was sitting on the tank with her children, and she wrote: "Victorious generation. a peaceful sky, "Hashtegg said; "Life and Freedom".
23-10-2019, 22:38
On October 24, the executive will grant a privilege to SIL-MAZA, a part of the Sil Concern family owned by Khachatur Sukiasyan's family.

According to the draft, within the framework of the investment program implemented by the SIL-MAZA Limited Liability Company selected by the RA Government, from 15 October 2019 until 31 December 2021 inclusive of the value added tax payment period of the imported goods is postponed for 3 years.

Within the framework of the presented investment program the company intends to invest about 118 million 945 thousand drams, out of which the amount intended for equipment purchase will make about 93 million drams and about 25.9 million drams for other products.

As a result of the investment program, the company will create 17 new jobs within three years - 160-170 thousand. AMD with average salary.

SIL-MAAZA LLC was founded in 2012.

The company is engaged in the production of juices, soft drinks and water (also carbonated).

At present, the company has acquired new bottle molds and plans to acquire a new, more productive bottling line as part of the investment program, which will enable it to expand productivity and facilitate the rapid and efficient organization of imported glass bottles.
23-10-2019, 21:11
The package of amendments to the RA Laws on Service in the National Security Bodies, on Service in the Police, and on Public Service was brought to Parliament for a second reading today. To the ignorant, it is about the scandalous package authored by the Enlightened Armenia Party, which has received public condemnation. The amendments suggested that the post of NSS chief and police chief be given the opportunity to appoint people who are not from the system and who meet the criteria set for the deputy. That is to say, a 25 year old citizen of the Republic of Armenia who has at least four years of permanent residence in Armenia may be the head of a law enforcement body. Experts have staked the initiative of the opposition faction, saying that in this case the power structures will not avoid shocks, and in the case of the NSS, this could have irreversible consequences for the state, as a non-professional, 25-year-old would hardly be able to head a state security institution or the complicated police system. The draft passed its first reading in September. During the debate, lawmakers from the ruling party welcomed the proposal by their colleagues, saying it was a project that would allow them not to choose from a system where mainly former government officials are appointed. Opinions were voiced that the project was actually not in the interests of the opposition, but in the interests of the government, and that the authorities were probably trying to implement the project through the LPA. What the opposition faction would gain from it remained unclear. The law was expected to be adopted in the second reading today, but the chairman of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Vladimir Vardanyan stated: "We propose that the parliament vote against this bill."
He said they were for the committee, reaffirming their approach, but there were issues with editing. He said they had to revise the project and bring it back. Arman Babajanyan suggested that they would make the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Security and the heads of those bodies would be political people. Marukyan was surprised. “It has been said that let the police, the NSS as ministries, including the SRC, return to the government structure. This reform has been rejected in this parliament. Now we have come, we say, let's solve the problem in an interim way, get rid of the chains, and then discuss this issue during the constitutional amendments. ”

Edmon Marukyan was a more typical mantra that the authorities actually cheated on him. They showed that Marukyan was in their pockets and they would move their fingers.

Although it is not excluded that the government really had such an intention to make a noisy change, but halfway through it realized that the system and the state could collapse and withdrew.

Ani Sahakyan
23-10-2019, 20:40
Hayk Gevorgyan, a member of the RA NA "My Step" faction, told Factor TV that the government with a budget of more than $ 1 billion has earned a salary increase.

“The important thing is that this is not done due to the reduction of funding in any other field, but rather due to the proper allocation of the salaries for those individuals. No other field is deprived of that money. As for secrecy, the Prime Minister further clarified that it is about internal procedures, when signing any decree or decision one should follow the procedure of signing that decision. Here, as far as I understand, is about protecting personal data. And the prime minister also said that the justice minister disagrees with those wording, and the lawyers agree, "the MP said.

He noted that if this had been the case in the past, he would have written very strict material. “Because we all knew that the ministers were not hoping for those salaries, they were working through completely different mechanisms, earning tens, hundreds, even thousands of times a lot of revenue, not legal. Of course, in some cases even legal, and in that case, budgetary salaries would get me excited. But in this case we are dealing with officials who do not have that income, they are managers, they only get a salary and they do not have any income. The situation is different, ”Gevorgyan said.

More details in the video.
23-10-2019, 20:21
“Sharmazanov's wife Lilit Davtyan used a Luchok against me because I was with the patriotic and patriotic Armenians because I was exposing the real face of the regime through my publications.
A year before the revolution, there was an uproar against me, even threatened with trial and judgment.
Now this misunderstanding compares Nikol Pashinyan with Hitler….
Is your brain a scum, a fake believer in hell threatening fires…. »
23-10-2019, 20:05
Interesting details have been revealed about his departure. Our government sources say that Hovannes Kocharyan's resignation may be linked to his yesterday's speech in the National Assembly, which Pashinyan apparently did not like. In particular, Hovhannes Kocharyan stated that he was not in favor of making the post of police chief political. “The opinion of the police does not agree with the authors of the draft. We have our opinion on the organization and operation of the Police, and after the publication of the Strategy Program, everyone will be able to get acquainted with it. We have thoroughly explained how we see the structure of the police, how we perceive the mechanisms of political control over it, ”he said.

It is noteworthy that Hovhannes Kocharyan has never hidden his opinion and has repeatedly mentioned it in interviews, including on ArmDaily.am. In general, this controversial bill has been widely criticized even by supporters of the government. Former and current industry experts say the bill is dangerous. However, the authority that speaks about democratic values ​​is intolerant of the opposite opinion, and prefers to dismiss dissidents instead of correcting and amending the bill.

It is not yet clear who will replace the deputy chief of police.
23-10-2019, 19:46
RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov stated that Nikol Pashinyan would very much like to repeat Karen Karapetyan's tenure - a 10.7% increase in economic activity. And indeed, the 10.7% growth is a very impressive indicator. The only question that arises is why the Republican Party "cheated" on the Prime Minister with such a brilliant result and in April 2018 nominated Serzh Sargsyan as Prime Minister. What prevented Sargsyan from going to rest or partying while Karapetyan continued to serve as prime minister and secure double-digit growth? After all, the RPA was also indebted to him for the results of the parliamentary elections (true, those who distributed the bribe and fraud were still the main "business", but the "drive" of Karen Karapetyan's pre-election campaign also played a role).

The answer is obvious: the RPA was not particularly interested in economic growth, they were only concerned that "the road to power would pass Melik-Adamyan for a long time", the rules of the game established in the country would not change, they would continue to get rich with corruption schemes, and "jandam" "That the army is not fighting with the weapons of the 80s. Serzh Sargsyan, too, was delighted that he was able to change both the Constitution, promising not to assume the post of prime minister, and to "slap" Karen Karapetyan, using him as a key player in the campaign, and to take the major blow on them. teammates, comparing themselves to Bismarck, Charles de Gaulle or Churchill (as if they too often broke their promises).
23-10-2019, 19:33
"What was the fate of the documents destroyed at the National Security Service, which Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced at a May 8 press conference summarizing his one year in office?

"The National Security Service has been undergoing an investigation for several months, because the previous authorities, according to the official materials, destroyed materials of the National Security Service some time before the revolution," the Prime Minister said. Describing the incident as a crime, he added: “I am not a lawyer, but my political assessment is that it is a crime. Were those materials their property that they destroyed? There could be material on many things. It is a ghost affair, it must have very serious consequences. ”

Five months after the announcement, the source followed in the footsteps of discovering these documents. NSS deputy director, lieutenant general Stepan Melkonyan said in an exclusive interview with the Zhoghovurd daily that these were documents of internal circulation, all of which were restored.

“I must say that all the arguments have actually been restored and there is no such argument that…. Isn't writing service going from one service to another? With their functions, everything has been restored, ”the NSS deputy director assured. According to him, there were no criminal cases, they were exclusively documents of internal circulation. Without disclosing the contents of the documents, Stepan Melkonyan told the Zhoghovurd daily that the results of the official investigation into their disappearance are likely to be made public soon.
23-10-2019, 19:25
An incident at one of the West Asian Women's Football Championships has caught the attention of thousands of users on social sites.

In a match between the Arab Orthodox Club and the Jordanian Shabab al-Ordon, a player in the game realizes that his hijab is falling, stopping, bending over to straighten and hide the hair underneath the piece of clothing, and the opponent's football player is shut down. to him.

During this time the girl was able to strengthen the hijab and the game continued.

The video has garnered more than 4 million views on Twitter and garnered lots of admiration.