24-10-2019, 08:39
Suspect in the murder of 64-year-old woman in Yerevan is brother of SRC Vice President
21:05, Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Suspect in the murder of 64-year-old woman in Yerevan is brother of SRC Vice President
Today, on October 22, a resident of one of the buildings of Vardashen 2nd Street, 64-year-old Z. B. particularly brutal murder.

According to Shamshyan.com, police and investigators carried out explanatory work and a resident of the same building, 46-year-old Garik Mashadyan, was taken to Erebuni police station on suspicion of committing the murder.
     According to the source, the latter confessed to the facts and was arrested as a suspect by the investigator's decision. According to the source, he is the brother of Rafik Mashadyan, the first deputy chairman of the RA State Revenue Committee, but there has been no contact between them for many years.

C. Mashadyan led his life independently of his brother, and they had not met for many years.
24-10-2019, 08:35
YEREVAN, October 24 - Sputnik. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will pay a working visit to the Russian Federation on October 25. The Prime Minister's press service reports.

"In Moscow, the Armenian Prime Minister will attend the regular session of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council," the statement said.

According to the press service, the same day the Prime Minister will return to Yerevan.
24-10-2019, 07:52
Pro-government media believe that the opposition is linked to the West. Experts believe that the publication of these conversations is illegal

Azeri television Real TV has released audio recordings of conversations with two foreign diplomats with opposition activist Gültekin Hajibeyli. They are about dispersing the opposition rally in Baku.

Soon the TV channel deleted those recordings from all over the place, but the scandal is already under discussion. Now the media and experts are arguing over whether it was diplomatic interference in the country's domestic affairs or Azerbaijan's violation of an international convention. There is no official response from either side yet.

What about the recordings?
On October 19, police in Baku brutally suspended an unauthorized rally of the opposition National Council of Democratic Forces.

And on October 20, journalist Mirshahin Aghayev broadcast audio recordings of Gultekin Hajibeyli's conversations with foreign diplomats on Real TV.

In one of them, Hajibeyli tells the employee of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan about the failed rally by phone.

In the second recording, he talks with the EU representative in Azerbaijan and discusses the situation in the country.
24-10-2019, 07:47
Gagik Surenyan, Chief of the Meteorological Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia, posted a photo on his Facebook page in November 2016.

Surenyan attached to the photo wrote that there was heavy snow in Noyemberyan in 2016, and this year there is still no trace of cold.
24-10-2019, 07:38
Hovhannes Kocharyan was demanded to resign
By the order of Valeri Osipyan in May 2018, Hovhannes Kocharyan, who was appointed Deputy Chief of Police of the Republic of Armenia, filed a resignation yesterday, stating that he will be engaged in law practice.

They say the reason for Kocharyan's resignation was yesterday's announcement, which did not please Prime Minister N.Kocharyan. To Pashinyan. Hovhannes Kocharyan said he was not in favor of making the post of police chief political and that the project was politically expedient. "We have our opinion on the way the police are organized and operated."
24-10-2019, 07:35
"Who is this theater for?" Artsrun Hovhannisyan
Spokesman for the Armenian Defense Minister Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page: "One of the most beloved Armenian" mass media "in Baku is shining again today. If so, the soldier's relative has called ... Well, if the RO staff with the family, apart from Yerevan and Vanadzor, are in constant contact, working, looking. If other buildings are also working intensively, who is this theater for? What kind of body is the only one to deal with, who has to deal with day and night? "
24-10-2019, 07:19
The founder of the VETO public-political movement Narek Malyan has posted an open letter on his Facebook page addressed to US Ambassador Lynn Murray. To Tracy.

The full letter is presented below:

"Well-known Soros Artur Sakunts has publicly stated that the acting president of the United States is an agent of Russian President Putin, and this is an established fact, and there can be no doubt in that regard.

 He also insists that the acting president of the United States is rubbish, misunderstanding and plague of the whole civilized world. Soros Sakunts calls on the US Senate and Congress to get rid of the incumbent US president day, hour, and minute. His words are notable for two reasons;

1. Soros Sakunts is a frequent and beloved guest of the US Embassy in Armenia. Is he discussing his views on the US President at the US Embassy with his participation? If so, how do you, as an ambassador, hear from the Assyrians when they hear about the President of your country?

2. Soros Sakunts is also a beloved and awaited guest of Radio Liberty funded by US taxpayers. It's funny when the media, funded by US taxpayers, is giving praise to everybody who spreads false and misleading information about the incumbent, and for example, me, who doesn't share that opinion, is avoiding a coverage platform. to provide. That is, we can conclude that US taxpayers' money can only be covered when you are spreading lies about the current US government. "
24-10-2019, 07:03
Zhoghovurd daily writes: “There have been heated debates for several days over how former NA Speaker Ara Babloyan and Deputy Chief of Staff Arsen Babayan have come under the spotlight of law enforcement.

Zhoghovurd daily has exclusive information on this case. According to our sources, former SIS chief Ruzanna Arzumanyan testified to the SIS investigators about the differences in dates, after which law enforcement officers searched the applications of the NA general computers, in particular the Malber electronic system, to check the entries and exits, that is to say, the exits. have verified the credibility of Arzumanyan's testimony.
24-10-2019, 06:53
The note is dated October 22, 2019 and is addressed to RA Minister of Defense David Tonoyan. The document states that the tender for the Russian company ORSIS was rejected as unfounded.

YEREVAN, October 24 - Sputnik. Russia will send a note of protest to the failure of arms supply to Armenia. It is reported by RIA Novosti, citing the document available to the editorial office.

Armenia and Russia will develop cooperation in the field of biological security
The note is dated October 22, 2019 and is addressed to RA Minister of Defense David Tonoyan. The document says that the tender for the Russian company ORSIS was unjustly rejected. The note notes that the Armenian party included the company on a list of unscrupulous suppliers without any grounds. Russia asks Tonoyan to clarify the situation.

The agency notes that the note is currently in the Russian Foreign Ministry. It will soon reach Yerevan via diplomatic channels.

According to the agency, the matter concerns a multi-million dollar arms supply tender that was to take place this summer. The Armenian Ministry of Defense has rejected ORSIS's bid to refuse to pay the bank guarantee. A criminal case has been initiated (negligent treatment of the service), which is being investigated by the RA Investigation Committee.

ORSIS is part of the Prometecology group and specializes in the supply and sale of firearms, bullets and special optics.

Sputnik Armenia contacted Artsrun Hovhannisyan, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. He noted that the MoD has no comment on the matter.
24-10-2019, 06:41
Another judge yelled, under Nicol's wall, and with Nicol's score.

There is no judicial system in Armenia, but all judges are losers under Nicole's wall. You don't have the honor of a judge, we realized, don't you have the honor of a man?

Nicole Pashinyan, start counting. Those disgruntled judges will be hiding under the walls of someone else tomorrow and will appear with you in correctional labor colonies.

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