9-04-2021, 18:51
The video of the truck full of bodies was made earlier, not in the Askeran region. FIP (photo)
9-04-2021, 18:26
Immediately after the meeting with Pashinyan, the commander of the Russian peacekeeping brigade in Artsakh Rustam Muradov went to have dinner with the owner of "Artsakhbank" Artak Balayan and the rich man of Artsakh Armen Balayan. They had lunch at "Wine Republic" restaurant in Cascade. The meeting lasted more than an hour.

The remarkable thing about this meeting is that Armen Balayan is one of Robert Kocharyan's closest people. Այս This meeting of Muradov is definitely not perceived in the current political realities.

It should be reminded that today Rustam Muradov met with Nikol Pashinyan.
9-04-2021, 18:11
This is a good day to talk to all the people you have not met recently. It may turn out that the disagreements were over the details, they can be ignored. This is a good day for negotiations, and meetings with foreigners will be promising.

In your personal life you prefer light flirting, you do not lose your head for anyone. The day is not so good for starting a serious relationship, and the stars predict a successful day for already established couples.

Taurus. There is a risk of serious financial losses. Your unserious approach to responsibilities will lead to a number of mistakes, which will cause dissatisfaction among the management. On the other hand, you will provide brilliant solutions to non-standard problems, earn all the opportunities to receive a high reward.

Disagreements are possible in the family. A small dispute can turn into a serious conflict. Be patient in your relationship with your loved one. Try to avoid criticism. You may feel worse. In the second half of the day, be careful not to get injured.

Gemini. It's a good day to focus on work that requires knowledge and experience. Effective cooperation is possible, there will also be practical tempting offers. The twins who decided to change jobs today will not regret it in the future.

Everything is good in your personal life, the probability of positive changes is high. One can be more proactive անել confess love. You may feel worse in the evening, try to relax or unwind.

Cancer. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Problems can arise both through one's own negligence and through enemies, the latter of whom will be extremely resourceful today. Financial problems are possible.

Mutual understanding with relatives will make you happy. The feeling of being loved and appreciated will not leave you. The day is conducive to discussing marriage plans. Vital potential is high, well-being.
9-04-2021, 18:10
"I want to ask a specific question about an operation" ․ Mikael Minasyan
9-04-2021, 18:00
"Deja Vu" telegram channel provided details from one of the governmental meetings following the recent visit of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Moscow.

"After Prime Minister Pashinyan's visit to Moscow, the authorities had high hopes that Pashinyan would return with at least one concrete achievement after the meeting with Putin. will be agreed, which will be able to present the electorate as a serious success ahead of the elections.

When Pashinyan returned, empty-handed, during one of the meetings, Andranik Kocharyan "foamed" that "the Russians have completely taken over, they obviously support Kocharyan," Andranik Kocharyan said. Then, at the end of the discussion, he made a proposal that "if that is the case, the issue of prisoners should be thrown into the pockets of the Russians." "It started from that conversation yesterday, as if Muradov was bringing prisoners by plane, and then, if he lied, he said he was bringing them, but he did not bring them," the telegram channel writes.
9-04-2021, 16:56
Shots were fired in Yerevan a while ago.

Several citizens were taken to different hospitals in Yerevan from the area of ​​the popularly known cemetery "Karmir Blur" in Charbakh district.

These citizens received gunshot wounds from a sharp, cutting-piercing object, Shamshyan.com reports.

According to the source, the shooting took place in front of one of the mourning halls near the Karmir Blur cemetery.

The police and investigators are also waiting for the forensic experts of the RA Police Criminology Department to arrive at the scene.

Գ. According to Shamshyan, according to one version, these shootings are connected with another murder that took place months ago on May 9 Street in Yerevan. The operative group of Charbakh police department is also on the spot.
9-04-2021, 16:43
Two-time European champion, bronze medalist of the World Championship, captain of the Armenian boxing team Hovhannes Bachkov (64 kg) defeated Binali Shakhmandarov (Turkey) representing Ukraine in the second fight in the professional ring.

Bachkov knocked out his opponent in the first round.
9-04-2021, 15:50
Dzyadz, something is happening to you, confess. How did "Mrs. Agnesa" hurt you?
9-04-2021, 15:44
NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan lied in a conversation with "Azatutyun" a while ago, announcing. "There were no agreements, we just hoped, as every day, that the flight would bring good news. "Neither Andranik Kocharyan nor Mane Gorgyan confirmed the news about the return of the captives, it is misinformation."

Alen Simonyan's statement is nothing but a "master class" of lying and insanity.

First, the facts presented show that he himself is spreading misinformation.

And if, as Simonyan says, they did it because they simply "hoped", then this is proof of the insanity of the government, because once again they played with the feelings of the people, spreading information to make the fate of the captives an occasion for PR.
9-04-2021, 15:16
The evacuation of employees from the building of the Ministry of Defense has been stopped. Mika Badalyan telegram channel informs about that, noting that, according to the sources of the Ministry of Defense, the relative of one of the captured soldiers poured gasoline on himself, threatens to set himself on fire if the helicopter flies and evacuates.

Let us remind you that the situation with the Ministry of Defense is tense. The relatives of the missing prisoners have closed the entrances of the ministry since yesterday, and today the employees were evacuated from the ministry by helicopter.