» "Akbar Babloyan lied so well" Karine Harutyunyan

"Akbar Babloyan lied so well" Karine Harutyunyan

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Journalist Karine Harutyunyan wrote on her Facebook page: “One of my friends said that Babloyan has not had surgery for a long time, that his son is having surgery. From this I suppose as a specialist he was interested in attending this unprecedented operation. Total: And I, naively, was thinking of finishing my case, writing a note, shaming law enforcement on how a surgeon might be brought to an interrogation. Akbar Babloyan was so polite that I believed.

Can I suppose that he is as well-versed in his innocence and legality in the case of Hrayr Tovmasyan, and he makes as much false hints as to allow and support Nikol Pashinyan during the election as prime minister? ”