» NSS "destroyed" documents found: What is the Deputy Director of NSS?

NSS "destroyed" documents found: What is the Deputy Director of NSS?

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"What was the fate of the documents destroyed at the National Security Service, which Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced at a May 8 press conference summarizing his one year in office?

"The National Security Service has been undergoing an investigation for several months, because the previous authorities, according to the official materials, destroyed materials of the National Security Service some time before the revolution," the Prime Minister said. Describing the incident as a crime, he added: “I am not a lawyer, but my political assessment is that it is a crime. Were those materials their property that they destroyed? There could be material on many things. It is a ghost affair, it must have very serious consequences. ”

Five months after the announcement, the source followed in the footsteps of discovering these documents. NSS deputy director, lieutenant general Stepan Melkonyan said in an exclusive interview with the Zhoghovurd daily that these were documents of internal circulation, all of which were restored.

“I must say that all the arguments have actually been restored and there is no such argument that…. Isn't writing service going from one service to another? With their functions, everything has been restored, ”the NSS deputy director assured. According to him, there were no criminal cases, they were exclusively documents of internal circulation. Without disclosing the contents of the documents, Stepan Melkonyan told the Zhoghovurd daily that the results of the official investigation into their disappearance are likely to be made public soon.