» "The whole nation sees that the burden of justice is rotten, corruption, not the burden." Pavlik Manukyan

"The whole nation sees that the burden of justice is rotten, corruption, not the burden." Pavlik Manukyan

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As we have been informed, the trial of ten members of Sasna Tsrer is continuing at the Shengavit residence of the Yerevan Court of First Instance.

Judge Petros Makyan read the appeals sent by public defenders. In his appeal, Tigran Yegoryan requested that the investigators of the case be provided with a laser tape recorder within a short period of time, noting that the media previously provided by the court had been damaged. According to the judge, although it is not their responsibility, he provided these carriers, but after that, neither Mushegh Shushanyan nor Tigran Yegoryan have appeared in court today.

Hearing the judge, defendant Pavlik Manukyan said: “After my last trial, my opinion was reaffirmed, and in your honor, I have confirmed that you are a worthy judge. If you try a trial like this today, I'm sure I'll talk to you already. Now dragging it like this, the carrier, the collector, I don't know what ... I see it, the whole nation sees it, the crap of justice is rotten, crumbs, not carriers. What are you going to do with this delay? You keep a person in an inappropriate place of detention, ”Manukyan was outraged, referring to Armen Bilyan's long-running trial.

The judge interrupted P. Asked Manukyan if he had any questions about the lack of defenders. In response, Manukyan said: "No, I have one of the interrogators. You answer our question, why are you postponing the trial?"

However, the judge stated that in the absence of defense counsel, the proceedings could not continue. "Given that the court-appointed public defender attaches great importance to the implementation and realization of the defendants' interests, we must therefore take action before the public defender returns, as Ms. Arustamyan has rightly stated, in case of reassignment of other defendants, access to case materials, etc. It will take us quite a long time and make our case more effective, ”Makyan said.