» URGENT. The Azerbaijanis fired

URGENT. The Azerbaijanis fired

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On April 7, at around 9:40 am, from the territory of the village of Sargsyan, occupied by Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijanis fired at the residents of Sarushen community working in the fields of Sarushen village, in the direction of 65-year-old Shirin Adam Sargsyan and 36-year-old Vitaly Alyosha Harutyunyan.

The Azerbaijani side used a machine gun, as a result of which the left side window of the tractor belonging to V. Harutyunyan was broken.

The investigators of the Askeran regional department of the Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia took an explanation from Sh.

Besides, by the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs Karen Sargsyan, the service in the police bases located on the Shosh-Sarushen-Karmir Shuka national highway will continue in an intensified mode. Support bases will be added as needed for round-the-clock monitoring.