» How to prepare for the coronavirus vaccine?

How to prepare for the coronavirus vaccine?

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Preparations for the coronavirus vaccine are minimal. This was stated by Vladimir Krugli, a member of the Social Policy Committee of the Federation Council, Honored Doctor of Russia, during a video conference on "Cooperation between Russia and the CIS countries in the fight against COVID-19 and the prospects for vaccination of the population."

According to him, it is not desirable to be vaccinated during an exacerbation of any disease, so usually a medical examination is performed to rule out such problems.

Some diseases, especially autoimmune ones, such as rheumatism, are also considered contraindications to the vaccine. Vaccination is also not recommended for young children and pregnant women. Contraindications may also be serious allergic reactions (anaphylactic shock) in anemia.

It should also be remembered that it is not recommended to drink alcohol a few days before and after vaccinations. it is probably the only "preparation" required of the patient.

According to Vladimir Krugli, when he was vaccinated against coronavirus in clinical trials, he was also tested for the initial level of antibodies, as well as a number of other laboratory tests, but in the case of conventional vaccination, all these tests are not necessary.

According to him, he did not have any side effects after the vaccination. Some friends and colleagues have reported side effects, particularly after a second dose of the vaccine, but Dr. Krugli himself, although expecting a deterioration in health, ultimately had no side effects.